E-Tap 2019

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The teachers: Kai and Daniel

A report of E-Tap 2019 written by Dave Bowmer

The E-Tappers performing Palladio

Kuno Wagner (The real Wagner) proposes us to play the Ensemble piece “Palladio” , composed by Karl Jenkins. Kai and Jean-Christophe films (From L to R): Tim van Everbroeck, Ian Roggerson, Dave Bowmer, Daniel Schell, Rob Thorpe, Kuno Wagner.

Daniel’s class
Kai’s class
The E-Tappers after performing at ‘Le Cube’ beach Festival, Neufchateau. From L to R, first row: Dave Bowmer, Kai Kurosawa, Kuno Wagner. Second Row (standing) Ian Roggerson, Rob Thorpe, Tim van Everbroeck, Jean-Christophe Beumier, Daniel Schell
After concert at ‘Bar à Gouts’ in Jamoigne. From Left to R: Daniel, Ian, Jean-Christophe, Kuno, Philippe (Bar à Gouts), Dave, Vincianne(Bar à Gouts), Tim, Kai, Rob. We played well, great audience and successful performance. Philippe and Vincianne offered us a great meal and drinks. We are already booked for next year.
Back in Brussels, we play at Pub Time Out