E-Tap: European Tap-guitar seminar

Frequently asked questions:

The European Tap-Guitar Seminar

I am an absolute beginner. I can’t read and/or I can’t play…

No problem. The beginners class can accept people from various backgrounds. You might find absolute beginners in music but also trained readers on another instrument who begin the tap-guitar, or t-g virtuoso who cannot read and wish to do it, and so on. After say, 2 days in the beginners class you may ask to go to the intermediate class. There are also special afternoon classes and private tuition available to satisfy your individual needs.

I play the X TM tap-guitar, I am tuned in the Y way, and I play only Z music.

Welcome! The Seminar is open. It aims to to teach general techniques of playing, reading, and understanding music for the tap-guitar. Your options will be respected and the methods you will learn are general and adaptable to all situations.

I don’t have a tap-guitar

No problem. You can bring a simple electric guitar if you wish. The E-Tap, Brussels school, can also lend you a tap-guitar for the week.

Amplifier, PA, Do I have to bring an amp?

The classes are all equipped with a mix desk and a small PA. There are also some guitar amps. Therefore those who come by plane or train do not need to bring an amp. Those who come by car might as well bring an amp if they wish to have their own sound, or just help the seminar.
However you should all have your own personal practice amp to use  in between the courses or in the evening. This might be a small mini- or a battery driven micro-amp  . There are also some devices with headphones, which you can carry on your belt and which are very handy.

Do I need books or printed scores?

For Daniel Schell‘s course. Yes, you need “My Space, My Time” volume 2 ‘Thesaurus and exercises” . This book contains the exercises and songs which we shall practice during the week. You will also need one of the three volumes of “The path to My Space My Time”. The reading exercises are all in there. Ask Daniel which volume you need according to you reading level. (Vol1: beginners, Vol2: intermediate Vol3: advanced) You will have to buy these books either before the Seminar  or at your arrival at the Seminar.

You can order all books with www.clicmusic.be books and scores 

The other teachers will either use the a fore mentioned books or bring their own material and make them freely available to you .

Can I buy/hire a tap-guitar? Can I find paraphernalia?

Tap-Guitar: The Seminar does not sell or hire t-g.  There are often instruments available for demonstration or even for sale, but that is without guarantee.
Paraphernalia: You can find strings and cords in the Seminar.

We provide strings for the tap guitar   strings

How do I arrive at the Seminar or at the Tap-Guitar Night?

You want to join directly Suxy
The Seminar happens in Suxy, a small village in the commune of Chiny, near the city of Neufchateau, province of Belgian Luxembourg. The two train stations are Libramont and Marbehan (even closer), 150 km SE from Brussels, or 60 km NW from Luxembourg City. The nearest airports are Brussels Airport, from there take a train (every 15 min) to Brussels-Central; or Brussels South (Charleroi) Airport, from the is a bus direct to Brussels Midi  Station.

There  is a train every hour (price is about 12 €) with destination Luxembourg (duration of the train travel about 2 hours). Make sure that it stops in Libramont or Marbehan and step out there. We will pick you up there. You should inform us about your arrival time beforehand. Meeting in Suxy is on Sunday, afternoon and evening.

Departure after the Seminar is Sunday afternoon. 
Coming by car:
Highway Brussels-Luxembourg  E 411. Sortie: N° 25 Neufchateau

You want to join us in Brussels at our place or at the Tapping Night

Take care: We don’t organise tap nights every year.
: Bruxelles-Midi or Bruxelles-Central.
: We recommend Brussels airport. From there take a train (every 15 min) to Brussels-Central. You can step out there and visit Brussels, then join the t-g night. Otherwise continue with this train to Brussels-Midi. At the station Brussels-Central, take the metro, step out at station Louise and wait for us.
After the t-g night, everybody can sleep at our home. (Please bring a sleeping back or sheets.)
Next day we leave altogether  for the Academy. Depending on the number of cars we will have here, we might be obliged to send some people by train (this will cost about 12 €)

Is the accommodation single or do I have to share ? What do I bring?

Accommodation is in single or double rooms. You should specify  in advance(now if possible) if you wish vegetarian food. You have to bring a sleeping bag (or sheets, both for Brussels and Suxy), and a towel .

When do I have to pay the course fee, on arrival or in advance?

Here is how to register to E-Tap Enroll  If any problem, Contact us at clic@clicmusic.be