The tap guitar, or tiptar,   is a kind of electric guitar tapped with the tip of the fingers.  Instead of plucking the strings, like on the normal guitar, you tap the strings between two frets, with the tips of your fingers.  Advantage: you can play two independent melodic lines, like Bach’s two voices inventions. You can also play a melody with the right hand, for instance, and accompany in chords and bass lines with left hand. Or else you can play just one melody by alternating both hands. The t-g can have one region, like the classical guitar or the 8-strings guitar. Or it can have 2 regions, with, in general, 6 strings for the melody, and 6 strings for the bass and accompaniment.

E-tap Seminar

European Tap-guitar seminar

The place where great tappers meet.




Whether you play a tapping guitar or tap on a guitar, this is the place to meet, learn, discover, compare.

Do not mis E-Tap 2019, ‘New perspectives in tapping’

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Organised by Daniel Schell



Past and present teachers :



Kai Kurosawa (Japan, US)

Randy Strom

Past Guest teachers :

Andre Pelat (Pélat en français), Wolfgang Deiss, Kuno Wagner





The schedule of the 2018 session