Sight Reading

Reading – or better : Sight Reading – is an important tool for the musician as it allows you to discover new pieces of music and communicate efficiently with other musicians. Reading on the tap-guitar is somewhat more difficult than on a keyboard as frets intervals vary on the board. If you follow Daniel Schell’s ‘My Space’ method, including the C-Dots system, reading should be easier.

For all of us who want to master better our sight reading on several staves with different clefs, please check the excellent program created by Jean-Christophe Beumier. Those two apps allow you to create exercises in all clefs and with the number of staves you like. You might choose one staff in G-Treble clef, or the classical two staves G-F system, but you can also choose three staves G-C3rd-F .

Progressive stave reading without rhythm

Vertical reading on Score exercise

The exercises are a-rhythmic, so all values are the same. It is just for improving your sight reading in identifying notes. I suggest you start with the lowest note and read upside. Try it, and let me know.

Here is a video where Daniel Schell and Jean-Christophe Beumier discuss about the sight-reading apps and how to use them

Sight-Reading on YouTube