1.3 Boards with two regions

This section covers the tapping boards divided into two regions. Usually the total number of strings ranges from 10 to 14. The regions are mainly tuned in fourths-fourths, fifths-fourths or fifths-fifths.

1.3.1 Tunings in fourths-fourths THE GRAPHIC SPACE OF THE 4-4 INSTRUMENT

The simple idea behind 4-4 tunings is that identical patterns are played identically on both sides (see FIGURE 1-2). The 4-4 tunings can be divided into mirrored or parallel. Suppose that we take a mirrored tuning, then in order to represent the invariant motif C-F-G-c on the bass side, we simply need to take the sign C-F-G-c of the melody side and to mirror it symmetrically. The bass playing is simply the mirroring of  the melody playing.

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FIGURE 1-2 Symmetry between left and right hand: The melody space, in fourths, is represented on the right; the bass, also in fourths, on the left.
As they are symmetrical, the signs C-F-G-c reflect each other, and so does the playing. The hands and the motives show the same symmetry.