1.3.3 The Carpentier uncrossed fifths-fourths tunings


Tuning word : «1> 6_bass_5ths_LH // 6_mel_4ths_RH <12 »  seen from the player.
Thierry Carpentier, who studied and played  accordion, decided to uncross his hands in september1989. During the E-Tap Seminar of July 1991, I saw Kuno Wagner playing a tiptar with uncrossed hands on a similar tuning.
These tunings have inherited from the fifths-fourths concept of Emmett Chapman, however the hands are uncrossed. The bass strings are on the sides and the tuning ascend towards the treble strings situated in the middle. A definitive advantage is that the hands do not interfere anymore with each other and can have free access to the entire board. For instance they could play at the same horizontal level.