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E-Tap Seminar 2019 : European Tap-guitar seminar

Main Topic’ New perspectives in tapping’


We shall concentrate on the new topics in the tapping technique, such as the Kurosawa pluck/tap, Emphasis shall also be made on phasing motives in each hand, a Schell specialty. We shall keep on harmony, advanced harmony in new music, chords, simple chords, four-notes chords on the Right hand, different basses, .


When: Monday 8 to Sunday 14 July 2019
Where : Suxy (Chiny) Wallonia region
Organisers:  Clic Music

The Teachers:

Kai Kurosawa


Daniel Schell (BE)

Guest teachers


Wolgang Daiss

Wolfgang Daiss, the most prominent tapper in today’s contemporary  music, has confirmed his participation to E-Tap. Wolfgang has shared, with Daniel Schell , an involvement to bring the tap-guitar in the world of contemporary classical music. Having most of his chamber music works, Wolgang is now preparing with Daniel a ta-guitar concerto. Wolfgang shall be present to ETap, on  July 17-18, only for your private lesson.


Topics of this 2019 session:

Kai Kurosawa
The great avant-garde musician will show and explain his incredible technique. Already tapping was a revolution, but Kai came with something even newer: the double pluck. in othetr words, he plucks with each hand. This combination of plucking and tapping is really something new.

Daniel Schell:
– General tapping techniques: fingering on various boards (including the guitar)  and tunings ( 4ths, 5ths, crafty)
-Harmony: Traditional, jazz and new chord changes. We shall continue the chords studies which we started last year. and specially the four-notes chords we studied with Randy Strom
Watch the scores of “Spring Comes” and Blue E-Tap.
Minor 8
– Rhythmics: Even and uneven metrics: Using such meters as 4/4 , 5/8 and 7/8 and alternating them.
– Creating interesting rhytms and lines on those meters and others. This year we shall concentrate on producing interesting long improvisations using the phasing of independent motives, a subject which Daniel has implemented and played since many years.
– Multi motive improvisation: one different motive in each hand.


Wolfgang Daiss: the greatest and most impressive tapping reader of all times, Wolgang teaches individually during the session. Here is your opportunity to have a -free- private lesson with legend Wolfgang.


Suxy (Chiny) Wallonia T

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