a little white point that one can stick on each note “C” – or transposed note – on the fretboard of a guitar, bass or tap-guitar, whatever their size, tuning and topology.



Starting 1980, Daniel Schell, wanted to sight read music easily on his guitar and tap-guitar. He then had the idea of sticking a little white plastic dot on every pitch C of his fretboard.
Daniel did not like the traditional “dots” on the guitar, which he found to have no logical relationship with pitch. He was rather looking for an idea that could make a guitar fretboard as easy and logic as a piano. This is where he came with the ‘C-dots’.


The method


Once you have sticked a dot on every C of your board, you will see clearly your “space”. The C-dots will form a regular and periodic recurrent pattern on your fretboard. In these patternes it will now be  easy to see your notes. Refer to the “My Space”, Daniel Schell’s books for a detailed explanation.

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The pattern of C-dots, on a tiptar tuned with 6 melody strings in fourths, six bass strings in fourths. Both are ascending from the center to the edge.

Copyright: C-dot ( in French, Point-do)  is a common name trademark of Clic Music, Belgium. It may be used freely by students, musicians and educators, but not for commercial purposes. Commercial companies should contact Clic Music prior to use.