E-Tap School


Topics covered

Technical studies of the tap-guitar through original compositions from Daniel Schell, and also a classical, jazz and various repertory.

Solfège, harmony, modal music, scales, practice, study and analysis of composition. Sight reading and music theory

Those who are interested may also get an initiation to the classical music of India, raga (Indian melodic system) and tala (rythmic system)

Those lessons are made for all stringed instruments like Tap-guitar, standard guitar, bass…

Group lessons

group lessons can also be given on appointment.



Instrument made for the tapping technique and particularly for two hands tapping.

Lessons are given by Daniel Schell, and invited masters.

You can find many luthier who build custom tapping instruments or buy a existing model:

The school can also lend a study instruments made by Vassilewsky. You can also practice on a Megatar TM or a Stick TM.


You may also learn on a standard classical guitar, preferably electric, but acoustic is also possible. Many guitar players illustrate this technique on the guitar, like Stanley Jordan, Jesus Aunion, They  offer new possibilities for you.



The lessons are given Place Stéphanie 12, 1050 Brussels – Belgium


On appointment


All levels from beginners to professional musicians.


Marcenac Daniel-Tap meet06
Daniel Marcenac

Study the Stick™ tuned in Fifths/fourths

Delaval Daniel-Tap meet06
Daniel Delaval
Oli-Tap School meet06
Oli Verschueren
Schiesari Tap meet06Michael Schiesari
Matthieu Amiguet
Matthieu Amiguet
Tap School meet06
Watching and discussing about the videos
Tap School meet06-instruments
We discuss about instruments